Pet Crates

People own pets for varied reasons. In order to ensure that your pet grows well, you need to regularly ask for guidance from a vet or you can visit reliable sites like the one owned by royal canin uk to provide you with enough information about how to handle your pet. If you do not have one, this site can give you tips on how to choose it, treat it and any other related information. Choosing a pet crate for your pet requires you to consider the size of the crate, the material from which it is made and the vets advice. It is because of this that this article will describe the various types of pet crates in the marked and the possible pros and cons of each of them. This will help you when making a decision about which one to buy for your pet.

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Wire Crates

It's the best for pets that easily get hot because of their hot environment or having heavy coat. They are usually used at kennels, veterinary hospitals and in car travel.


They can be folded for transport or storage.

They have numerous pads and covers to make them comfortable and safe

Provide enough air flow and you can have a clear view of the inside.

Though they are in different sizes, you can buy a big one and use a divider so that young pet can still use it when it's fully grown.


You have to use a cardboard between the wired bottom and the floor tray to prevent it from making noise anytime the pet moves.

Pets can easily break out of these crates.

Not so attractive when placed around the house.

Solid Plastic Crates

These types of crates are most preferred when one is using a secure mode of travel such as an airplane. They are suitable for pets that prefer to be in a cozy space. You find this pets sleeping in corners or under furniture like tables.


When compared to other crates, they are safer anytime there is a car accident.

Difficult for a pet to break out of it

Available in many colors


Has less air circulation, this makes some pets uncomfortable.

You may have to climb inside or break the hose out to clean the inside part any time your pet has diarrhea.

It is not attractive to place it around the house.

Soft Sided Crates

These crates are unsuitable for pet transportation in vehicles. They are not suitable for pets that can chew or dig the crate.


They are lightweight and this makes them easily portable.

Can be used when going for camping and picnics

Easy to store when folded


Destructive pets can eat them and escape

It's possible for some pets to unzip and easily open to the door panel.

Difficult to clean any time your pet experiences a major potty accident

Heavy Duty Crates

They are also referred to as crash tested steel crates. They are designed to be used in SUVs and hatchbacks for per carvehicle transportation.


They are lab tested for pet safety

Can absorb the impact of many accidents

Can contain most of the destructive pets


Expensive to purchase

They are not attractive

Not meant for carrying pets outside of the vehicles

With the above information, you can now select a pet crate that will suit your needs.